Allan Kardec

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Every person is a medium; everyone that is prepared to hear has a spirit that guides them to good. It does not matter that some people may communicate with them through some specific type of mediumship and that others may only hear them through their inner voices in their hearts and minds. It does not matter; it is still the familiar spirit that gives them advice. Call it spirit, reason, or intelligence, it is always a voice that responds to your soul and gives you good advice. You don’t always understand it though. It is not this reason that drags and crawls as to never moving forward; not this reason that loses itself amidst material interests and bad behavior, but this reason that raises the individual above himself, transporting him to unknown regions; a sacred passion that inspires artists, poets, the divine thoughts that raises the momentum of the philosopher; and leads individuals and groups, a reason that the common crude individual cannot understand, but it approaches a man of divinity more than any other creature; an understanding that he knows how to steer from the known to the unknown, and makes him perform the most sublime acts. Thus, listen to that inner voice, that good spirit who unceasingly speaks to you, then you will progressively begin to hear your guardian angel that reaches out to you from heaven.


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