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The mystery that still surrounds this deplorable event led many people to think that the evocation of the spirit of the victim could establish the truth. We received a large number of letters about it and since the subject involves a serious principle we found it useful to let all readers know our answer. We never thought of evoking Mr. Poinsot since for us Spiritism has never been an object of curiosity. Nevertheless, following an adamant request from one of our corresponding members that supposedly had a communication from him and wanted to know if that communication was authentic, we tried to carry out the evocation a few days ago. As usual, we asked our spiritual guide if such evocation was possible and if he was the one who communicated with our correspondent. Here are the answers:

• “Mr. Poinsot cannot answer your appeal. He has not communicated with anybody yet. God does not allow him at this point in time.”

1. Can you tell us why? – A. Yes. Because revelations of such kind would influence the conscience of the judges who must act with total freedom.

2. Yet, by clarifying the judges these revelations could avoid regrettable and even irreparable mistakes. – A. That is not how they should be clarified. God wants them to have the entire responsibility of their sentences, as each person has the responsibility of their acts; also the research work and the merit for that must not be overlooked.

3. However, in the absence of sufficient information, can the culprit escape justice? – A. Would you believe that one could escape God’s justice? If one must be reached by the justice of man, God will find ways for that to happen.

4. That is fine with respect to the guilty; however, if an innocent person is condemned wouldn’t that be bad? – A. God judges in the supreme instance and someone that is unjustly condemned by men will have their rehabilitation. As a matter of fact, that condemnation may be a useful trial for their advancement. But it may sometimes be the fair punishment of a crime from which one may have escaped in a previous existence. Keep in mind that the spirits are assigned with the mission of enlightening you in the path of good and not to smooth things out on the earthly terrain, leaving that to your own intelligence. When you distance yourself from the providential objective of Spiritism you become exposed to being deceived by the swarm of lying spirits that constantly move around you.

After the first answer the attendees discussed the reasons for the interdiction and as if willing to justify a principle one spirit led a medium to write the following: “I will bring him… here he is!” Soon after he wrote: “How kind of you wanting to talk to me! I am very pleased since I have a lot to tell you.” The language seemed suspicious to us having come from a man like Mr. Poinsot, and particularly considering the answer that we had just received, thus someone asked him to attest his identity in the name of God. The spirit then wrote: “My God, I cannot lie. However, I would be very happy to talk to your likable Society but you don’t want to. Good bye.” That was when our spiritual guide added: “I told you that spirit cannot respond tonight. God forbids his manifestation. If you insist you will be deceived.”

Observation: It is obvious that if the spirits could spare people from doing research the latter would not bother doing anything to discover the truth since it would always be revealed. Thus, the laziest person could find that out, as much as the hardest working researcher and that would not be fair. This is a general principle. When applied to Mr. Poinsot, it is not less evident that if the spirit indicated that a given individual were innocent or guilty and the judges could not find sufficient proof of one or the other, they could then become confused and public opinion biased by unfair preventions. Since the human being is imperfect we must conclude that God knows better what must be revealed or hidden. If a given revelation must be made through superhuman means, God knows how to make it look authentic as to eliminate any doubt, as demonstrated by the event below:

A farm had been set on fire near a mining region in Mexico. In a meeting dealing with spirit manifestations (there are several in this country where Mr. Deschanel’s articles may not have arrived yet hence they are so backwards there); a spirit communicated through raps. The spirit says that the person to blame is among the attendees of the meeting. First it was doubted, believed to be a hoax. The spirit insists, pointing to a person that was present, stunning everybody. The person puts on a good face, but the spirit seems to insist and so convincingly, that the man is arrested and after being pressed with questions he ends up confessing to the crime.

The criminals, as seen, must not trust the discretion of the spirits that are sometimes the instruments used by God to punish them. How would Mr. Figuier explain that? Is it intuition, hypnotism, biology, overexcitement of the brain, the concentration of thoughts, hallucination, which he admits but not believing in the independence of the spirit from matter? Conciliate all that if you can. His own solution is a problem and he should provide the solution to his solution. Nevertheless, why a spirit would not reveal the assassin of Mr. Poinsot, as he had done for this arsonist? You must ask God to respond for his actions. Ask Mr. Figuier who seems to know better than Him.

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