Allan Kardec

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You too, of the French crowned lands, you were deep into barbarism and your savage courts carried desolation and amazement to the heart of the civilized nations. You offered mountains of human sacrifice to Toutatis and trembled before the Druids’ voice when choosing their victims. The tombs that served you as altars lie in barren moors! The shepherd that drives his meager herds over there looks in amazement at those blocks of granite, and wonders, what was the object of those memories of former times! However, your brave children dominated the nations and triumphantly returned to their homeland, holding the trophies of victory in their hands, dragging the conquered behind in shameful slavery! God however wanted you to take your place among the nations, sending you good spirits, apostles of a new religion, who came to preach love, forgiveness and charity to your savage children. When Clovis invoked the help of that Almighty God before his army, his call was heard and victory was granted, and the appreciative child embraced Christianity! The apostle of Christ inspired by the spirit of God gave him the sacred anointment, commanding him to adore what he had burnt and to burn what he had adored.

A long battle was then initiated among your children, who could not face the rage of their gods and their priests; your land had to see the bloodshed of its martyrs so that the new ideas would flourish and you could gradually detach from the cult of your forefathers, following your kings. They were brave and courageous and fought the hordes of barbarians from the North. They returned in peace to their palaces, then dedicating to progress and civilization of their people. They slowly work that progress for centuries and finally place you at the top. You have been found guilty so many times and God’s hand was raised and you were about to be terminated. However, if the French soil is a focus of skepticism and atheism, it is also of noble movements, of charity and sublime devotion. The virtues preached in the Gospels prosper before impiety. Those virtues disarmed the hand that was so many times about to hurt you, casting upon your people the eyes of clemency, choosing you to become the messenger of His will; the seeds of the Spiritist Doctrine must come from your heart, transmitted by the good spirits, and its healing arms must gradually disseminate over the heart of all nations, and the people, consoled by the principles of love, charity and forgiveness, will tread gigantic steps towards their moral reformation that must regenerate humanity! Your fate is in your hands. If you neglected the celestial voice that calls you to this glorious destiny; if your indifference made you repel the light that you must shed, God would renounce you, as it was once done to the Hebrew people, since they should carry out His designs. Thus, hurry up for the time has come! May the people learn from you the path of true happiness! May your example show them the consoling fruits to be harvested and they shall join the choir of the good spirits: “God protects and blesses France!”


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