Allan Kardec

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I am here to tell you that moral progress is the most useful to acquire because it disciplines us against our bad inclinations and make us good, charitable and dedicated to our brothers and sisters. Intellectual progress, however, is also useful to our advancement because it elevates the soul helping us to make healthier assessments of our actions, facilitating moral progress.

It introduces us to the teachings provided by God for many centuries by many people of various merits, who came in all shapes and forms, speaking all languages to help us understand the truth, and were nothing more than spirits already advanced, sent by God for the development of human knowledge. But in time, the light that used to illuminate only to a few will shine for all. Do your best to understand the greatness, the power, the magnificence and justice of God; to understand the sublime beauty of his work; the magnificent rewards to the good and the punishments to the bad ones; to understand, at last, that the only objective that you must have is to get closer to Him.

Georges, Bishop of Périgueux and Sarlat,
happy to be one of the guides to the medium

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