Allan Kardec

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Spirits’ Poetry

Note: These verses were spontaneously written through a basket, touched by a young lady and a boy. We thought that many poets would feel honored by having written them. They were sent to us by one of our subscribers.

Awakening of a Spirit

“How beautiful nature and how sweet the air is!
Lord, I say grace praising you on my knees!
May the joyful hymn of my acknowledgement,
like incense, rise to Thy supreme entitlement!
Thus, before the eyes of the sisters grieving
you sent Lazarus out of his coffin;
Distraught Jairus, his daughter, beloved,
on her deathbed by Your voice revived.
Also, mighty God! You reached me the hand of thou reign;
Stand! Thou said, You have not said in vain.
Why am I not, alas, a vile stack of mud?
I would like to praise You with the voice of a cherub;
Your work never seemed so awesome!
To the one that comes from the darkness of the tomb.
The day seems pure, and the light is shining,
the sun is more radiant and life exciting.
The air is then sweeter than milk and honey;
every sound is a word in the concerts of the holy.
The muffled voice of the wind breathes harmony
that grows in space and becomes infinity.
What the spirit conceives, or reaches the eyes,
what we can read in the book of paradise,
In the space of the seas, below the tides,
in all oceans, cliffs, and globes,
All rounds into a sphere, and we feel that in the midst
God is in the center of these converging axises.
And You, whose eyes hover the starry trails,
who are You hiding in the sky, like a King in his sails
What is Your greatness, if this vast universal face
is not but a point to Your eyes, and the submerse space
of the seas is not even a mirror of its magnificence?
What is then Your greatness, your essence?
What such a great palace have You built, Oh King!
The stars cannot separate You from us, sure thing
the sun at Your feet, immeasurable power,
like the onyx attached to the prince’s slipper.
It is what I most admire in You, Oh Majesty!
Much less than greatness, Your generosity
That reveals in everything, a shining light
that hears the impotent, yielding to the prayer’s might.”


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