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Family conversations from beyond the grave
Mehemet-Ali, second communication

1. In the name of the Almighty God, I ask the spirit of Mehemet-Ali to come to communicate with us.
- Yes, I know the reason.
2. You promised to come to instruct us. Will you be kind to listen to us and answer?
- I don’t promise, as I have not committed to doing that.
3. Let us replace the “promised us” by “you made us wait”
- You mean: to satisfy your curiosity. Never mind! I will make myself useful.
4. Considering that you lived in the times of the Pharaohs, can you tell us what was the reason for the construction of the pyramids?
- They are burial chambers. Tombs and temples. Great manifestations took place there.

5. Did they also have a scientific interest?
- No. The religious interest absorbed everything.

6. It was necessary that the Egyptians were well advanced in mechanical engineering so as to realize tasks that required so considerable forces. Can you give us an idea of the means they employed?
- Masses of men moaned under the weight of those stones that crossed the centuries. The machine was man.

7. Which class of men was employed into such great work?
- Those that you call people.

8. Were the people on a state of slavery or did they receive a salary?
- Forced.

9. Where did the Egyptians get their taste for colossal things from, rather than the gracious ones that distinguished the Greeks, considering their common origin?
- The Egyptian was touched by God’s greatness. Wanted to equal him, overcoming his own forces. Always man!

10. Since you were a priest on those days, kindly tell us something about the Egyptian religion. What was the people’s belief with respect to the Divinity?
- Corrupted. They believed their priests. Their gods were those who kept them under the oppression.

11. What did they think about the soul after death?
- They believed in what they were told by the priests.

12. Had the priests a more sound idea than the people about God and the soul?
- Yes. They had the light in their hands and although hiding it from the others, they still saw it.

13. The celebrities of the state shared the priest’s or the people’s beliefs?
- They were between the two.

14. What was the origin of the cult to the animals?
- They wanted to deviate man from God by reducing him to their level, offering inferior beings as gods.

15. One can understand, up to a point, the cult to useful animals; but to dirty and harmful ones like the serpents, crocodiles, etc!
- Man adores what he fears. It was a kind of oppression to the people. The priests could not believe in gods made by their hands!

16. Isn’t that strange that at the same time that they adored the crocodile and reptiles they also adored the ichneumon and the ibis that destroyed them?
- Aberration of the spirit. Man seeks gods everywhere to hide what he actually is.

17. Why was Osiris represented with a hawk’s head and Anubis with a dog’s head?
- The Egyptian liked to personify under the form of clear emblems: Anubis was good; the ruthless hawk represented the cruel Osiris.

18. How can one reconcile with the respect to the Egyptians by the dead with their disdain and horror for those who buried and mummified them?
- The cadaver was an instrument of manifestations. According to their thoughts, the spirit would return to the body it had once animated. Since it was one of the instruments of their cult, the body was sacred and the disdain followed those who dared to violate death’s sanctity.

19. Did the conservation of the body allowed for a larger number of manifestations?
- Longer, that is, the spirit would return for longer times, since the instrument was docile.

20. Wouldn’t the conservation of the body also carry an issue of salubrity, considering the floods of the Nile?
- Yes, the bodies of the people.

21. Did the initiation into the mysteries in Egypt go through as much rigorous practices as in Greece?
- Even more rigorous.

22. What was the aim of imposing conditions that were so much difficult to accomplish to the initiated?
- To have only superior souls. Those who know how to understand and remain quiet.

23. Have the teachings about the mysteries had the revelation of the extra-human things as their only objective or the principles of moral and love to the neighbor were also taught?
- All that was much corrupted. The intent of the priests was to dominate, not to instruct.

Family conversations from beyond the grave - Dr Muhr *

1. Evocation.
- I am here.

2. Would you kindly tell us where you are?
- I am wondering.

3. Has your death occurred on June 4th of this year?
- No, of last year.

4. Do you remember your friend, Mr. Jobard?
- Yes, I am frequently by his side.

5. When I transmit your answer to him, he will be pleased since he speaks highly of you.
- I know. He is one of my most sympathetic spirits.

6. What did you think about gnomes during your life?
- I supposed they were capable of materializing and assuming fantastic forms.

7. Do you still believe in that?
- More than ever. Now I am sure. But gnome is a word too much related to magic. Now I prefer to say spirit instead of gnome.

NOTE: During his life, he believed in the spirits and their manifestations. He just called them gnomes whereas now he prefers the generic denomination of spirits.

8. Do you still believe, that the spirits, which during your life you called gnomes, can take fantastic material forms?
- Yes, but I know this does not always happen as some people could go crazy if they saw the appearances that those can take.

9. Which appearances would that be?
- Of animals, of devils.

10. A tangible, material appearance or just appearance, like in dreams and visions?
- A little more material than in dreams. The apparitions that could scare us cannot be tangible. God would not allow it.

11. The apparition of the spirit of Bergzabern, under the form of man or animal, could be of such a nature?
- Yes, it is of that kind.

NOTE: We don’t know if during his life he admitted that the spirits could take a tangible form but it is evident that now he refers to the vaporous form of the intangible apparitions.

12. Do you believe that you are going to reincarnate in Jupiter?
- I will go to a planet that is not like Jupiter yet.

13. Is it your own choice that takes you to a world inferior to Jupiter or is it because you still do not deserve to go to that planet?
- I prefer to believe that I don’t deserve it and need to accomplish a mission in a less advanced world. I know I will reach perfection and that is why I prefer modesty.

Note: This answer is a demonstration of the superiority of that spirit and it is in agreement with what Father Ambrose says: there is more merit in requesting a mission in an inferior world than to wish to advance too much in a superior world.

14. Mr. Jobard wishes to know if you were happy with the eulogy that he wrote to you.
- Jobard gave me demonstration of sympathy by writing this eulogy. I am thankful and wish that the picture, which were somehow exaggerated, that he painted about my virtues and skills may serve as an example to those of you who follow the path of progress.

15. Considering that you were a homeopathic physician, what do you think about homeopathy now?
- Homeopathy is the beginning of the discovery of the latent fluids. But other discoveries equally precious will happen and will form a harmonious whole that will lead your globe to perfection.

16. How do you evaluate your book Le Medecin du Peuple (The People’s Doctor)?
- It is the worker’s stone carried to the construction yard.

Note: The answer that the spirit gave about homeopathy supports the idea of the latent fluids, already given by the spirit of Mr. Badet about his photographed image. ** As it seems there are fluids whose properties are unknown to us or go unnoticed, since its action is not ostensive although not less real. Humanity shall be enlightened along the way by the new knowledge of its properties, made available by the circumstances.

Family conversations from Beyond the grave - Madam de Stäel

On September 28th, 1858 at the Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies, the spirit of Madam Stäel, spontaneously and without being evoked communicated through the hand of Ms. E..., psychographic medium, leaving the following words:

“Living is suffering, yes, but won’t hope follow suffering? Hasn’t God placed a larger dose of hope in the hearts of the unfortunate? Child, pleasure and disappointment go along with birth but hope marches before that, by saying: Move on! Happiness waits at the end. God is merciful.

Why, ask the strong spirits, why do you come to teach us a new religion, when Christ had established the basis of such charity; of such certain a happiness? We do not wish to alter what the great reformer has taught. No. We came only to strengthen consciences and increase hopes.

The more civilized the world gets the more it should have confidence and even greater the need to sustain it. We don’t want to change the face of the Universe. We came to help to make it to become better. If we had not come to support man in this century, he would be really unhappy by the lack of confidence and hope.

Yes, we say to the wise man that reads others, seeks to know what is not important to you, and stays away from what is central to you. Open your eyes and do not despair. Don’t say that the nothingness can be possible, when deep in your heart you should feel otherwise. Come sit around this table and wait; you will be enlightened with respect to your future and you will be happy. Here there is bread to all. Spirit, you will improve; body, you will be fed; suffering, you will be diminished; hope, you will sprout and beautify the truth to make it supportable.

Note: The spirit referred to the table where the mediums were sitting.
- Ask and I will respond to your questions.

1. We were not waiting for your visit that is why we don’t have a prepared subject.
- I know very well that I cannot respond to special questions. There are, however, general things that can be asked even to a woman that had some spirit and now has a lot of heart!

At that point a lady who was present at the session kind of fainted but it was only with excitement and not painful at all. It was really pleasing to her. Someone offered to magnetize her, but then the spirit of Madam de Stäel spontaneously said:

- No. Leave her alone. Allow the influence to act upon her. Then, addressing the lady she said:

Be confident since a heart awakes by your side; she wishes to speak with you; the day will come... let us not precipitate emotions.

Then the spirit who was communicating through that lady, who was her sister, spontaneously wrote: “I will come back.”

Still addressing the lady, Madam de Stäel wrote:

- A word of consolation to a heart that suffers. Why these tears from a woman for her sister? Why does she go back to the past when all your thoughts should be addressed to the future? Your heart suffers; your soul has the need to go beyond. Then, may these tears be of relief, not produced by sorrow! She who loves you and for whom you cry is happy and venturous! Wait for that day when you shall be together. You don’t see her but for her there is no separation, since she can always be by your side.

2. Can you tell us what you presently think of your writings?
- One word only will clarify you: If I could return and restart, I would modify two thirds and keep only one.

3. Could you point out what is it that you disapprove?
- I am not very demanding; other writers will change whatever is unfair. I was too masculine for a woman.

4. What is the primary cause of such a virile character that you showed in life?
- That depends on the phase of our existence.
In the following session, on October 12th, the questions below were addressed to her through

Mr. D...., a psychographic medium:

5. The other day you came spontaneously through Ms. E... Could you tell us the reason that made you favor us with your presence, since we did not call you?
- The sympathy that I have towards all of you. It is also a duty imposed on my current existence or even better, my transient existence, since I am called to reincarnate: that is, by the way, the destiny of all spirits.

6. Is it more pleasant to you to come spontaneously or by evocation?
- I prefer to be evoked as it is a demonstration that you think of me, but also know that it is pleasing to a free spirit to come to talk with the spirit of man. That is why you should not be surprised that I suddenly came to your center.

7. Would there be any advantage in evoking rather than waiting for the spirits to come, out of their own initiative?
- By the evocation there is an objective. By allowing them to come there is a great risk of imperfect communication on several aspects, since the evil as well as the good spirits may come.

8. Have you already communicated in other centers?
- Yes but they made me show up more than I wanted. In other words, many times they have taken my name.

9. Could you kindly come sometimes to bring us your beautiful thoughts, that we would have the pleasure to reproduce for the general instruction?
- Gladly. I feel happy to be among those that seriously work on their instruction. My visit with you the other day is a proof of that.

* He is thought to be a very elevated spirit. He was a homeopathic physician, a true spiritist apostle. He died on June 4th, 1857 in Cairo. He should be in Jupiter, evoked by the request of Mr. Jobard (see Spiritist Magazine, last July, reference made in a letter from Mr. Jobard dated June 22nd, 1858, in the section Correspondence). The difference in the writing is in the original. However, the Muhr form seems more adequate.
** See Spiritist Magazine, July issue.

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