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Private Evocations - “Mom, I am here!”

Mrs.... had just lost her only fourteen years old daughter a few months ago. The daughter was the object of great affection and tenderness, very worthy of the mother’s regrets for the qualities which would certainly have turned the girl into a perfect lady. The girl died of a long lasting and painful disease. Inconsolable with her loss, the mother saw her own health debilitating daily, endlessly repeating that she would soon meet her daughter.

Informed about the possibility of communicating with the beings from beyond the grave, Mrs. ... decided to look for some relief to her own misery by talking to her daughter. She was acquainted with another lady whom she knew was a medium but both were not much in favor of such evocations, particularly considering the seriousness of the circumstances, so they then asked for my assistance. It was only the three of us: the mother, the medium and I. Here is the result of this first session:

Mother: In the name of the All Mighty God, spirit of Julia, my beloved daughter, I ask you to come, if God thus allows.

Julia: Mom, I am here!
Mother: Is that you my daughter, who answers me? How can I know it is you? Julia: Lili.

OBSERVATION: This was her family childhood nickname; neither the medium nor I knew about it, as she was only known, for many years, by the name Julia. With this sign her identity was evident. Not withholding her emotions, the mother wept.

Julia: Mother, why such affliction? I am happy, very happy. I no longer suffer and always see you. Mother: But I cannot see you! Where are you?

Julia: I am here, just beside you, with my hand over Mrs. X (the medium) so that she can write what I tell you. See my writing (the writing was really hers).

Mother: You say: my hand. Then, you have a body?

Julia: I no longer have the body which had me suffer so much but I have its appearance. Aren’t you happy for I no longer suffer and can talk to you?

Mother: If I saw you I would then be able to recognize you?
Julia: Yes, no doubt; and you have already seen me many times in your dreams.

Mother: I have, indeed, seen you many times in my dreams, but I thought it was just the effect of memories and imagination.

Julia: No. It is me, I am always with you and I try to give you consolation; It was I who inspired you the idea of the evocation. I have so many things to tell you. Do not trust Mr. Z... He is not sincere.

OBSERVATION: This gentleman, only known by the mother, cited in such a spontaneous mode, was even another proof of identity of the manifesting spirit.

Mother: What can Mr. Z do against me?
Julia: This I cannot tell you. It is forbidden to me. I can only warn you not to trust him.

Mother: Are you among angels?

Julia: Oh! Not yet. I am not perfect enough.

Mother: However, I never knew any fault in you. You were good, kind, loving and benevolent to everyone. Then this is not enough?

Julia: To you, my dear, I did not have defects and I believed it as you told me so many times! But now I see how much else I need to be perfect.

Mother: How will you acquire these missing qualities?

Julia: In new existences which will be happier and happier.

Mother: Will your new existences be on earth?

Julia: I know nothing about it.

Mother: Since you have done nothing wrong in your life, why you had to suffer so much?

Julia: Trial! Trial! I withstood it with patience, as from my trust in God. Today I am very happy for that. So long, dear mother!

Facing facts like this, who would dare to talk about the emptiness of the grave, when the future life reveals itself to us in such a touchable way, so to speak? This mother, undermined by her sorrow, experiences today an indescribable happiness on talking to her daughter; between them no more separation; their souls are interconnected in a spiritual intimacy, by the exchanges of thoughts.

Despite the discretion surrounding this fact, we would not have published it had we not had the formal permission to do so. That mother told us: May all those who lost their earthly loved ones experience the same consolation that I do!

We will add only one word to those who deny the existence of the good spirits. How can they demonstrate that the spirit of this young lady was an evil demon?

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