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Eighth Class: Frivolous Spirits

These spirits are ignorant, malevolent, inconsequent and scorner. Get involved in all things, responding to anything with no regard whatsoever to the truth. As they enjoy provoking small upsets as well as little happiness, the spirits like to produce discord and maliciously induce error by mystifications and naughtiness. Spirits in this class are typically designated as elves, goblins, trasgos and gnomes. They depend on the superior spirits by whom they are frequently employed just as we do with our servants and workers.

They seem, more than the others, attached to matter, having an active role as agents of the vicissitude of global elements, living in the air, water, fire, in the solid bodies or even in the entrails of the earth. Several times they manifest their presence through sensitive effects such as raps, movements, abnormal displacements of solid bodies, air agitation, etc. which gave them the name “boisterous spirits”. It is acknowledged that those phenomena are not due to a fortuitous and natural cause when they present an intentional and intelligent character. All spirits can produce these effects but the superior spirits, generally, leave that to the inferior spirits, more apt to material than intelligent actions.

When communicating, their language sometimes shows wit and happiness but almost always without depth. Their sarcastic and satiric expressions contain caprices and ridicule. They sometimes assume fictitious names for malice rather than malevolence.

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