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Spiritist manifestations, by Paul Auguez
Answer to Mr. Viennet, by Paul Auguez *

Mr. Paul Auguez is a sincere and informed follower of the Spiritist Doctrine. In his work, which we read with great interest, it is possible to recognize the elegant style of the author of “Elus de l'avenir”. It is a wise and logical demonstration of the doctrine’s fundamentals, which are the existence of spirits, their relationships with men, the immortality of the soul and its individuality after death. The article’s main purpose is to respond to the sarcastic aggressions from Mr. Viennet. He only covers the main points, with limited fatual evidence, using reasoning and respectable authorities, that this belief is not founded on systematic ideas or vulgar prejudices. On the contrary, it rests on solid foundations.

Mr. Viennet’s weapon is ridicule; Mr. Auguez’ is science. By numerous citations that demonstrate a serious study and profound knowledge, he proves that if today’s supporters, despite their ever- increasing number, and the enlightened people from all countries who join them, are physically unbalanced individuals, as claimed by the distinguished scholar, such disease is shared by them with most of the geniuses who honor humanity. In his rebuttals, Mr. Auguez always kept the dignity of language, whose merit will never be praised enough. In his rebuttal, those rude diatribes cannot be found anywhere, those arguments which became a common place of bad taste, proving nothing but a lack of urbanity. Everything that he says is grave, serious, and deep, even up to the wise man he addresses. Has he managed to convince him? We do not know; we frankly doubt it. But as his book is definitely written to all, the seeds it spreads will not be lost. More than once we shall have the occasion to quote passages from his book, in the course of this publication, whenever we are dragged by the nature of the subject. The theory developed by Mr. Auguez, except perhaps in some secondary points, is the same as we profess. Thus, we will not criticize his remarkable work, which will be read with benefit. We would wish for one thing only: a little bit more clarity in the demonstrations and method for sorting the matters. Mr. Auguez dealt with the subject scientifically; because he was addressing a wise man that can certainly understand more abstract things, but he should have known that he wrote less to a man than to an audience that always reads with more pleasure and more benefit what they can understand without much effort. ALLAN KARDEC

* Brochure in-12, 2.50 francs. Dentu, Palais-Royal and Germer Baillière, Rua de l ́École de Médicine, 4

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