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To the readers of the Spiritist Review

Many of our readers wanted to respond to the appeal we made in our first monthly issue regarding the information to be sent to us. A large collection of facts has been acknowledged, among which some of great importance, for which we are eternally grateful. We are no less grateful to the reflections that sometimes follow them, even when they reveal an incomplete understanding of the subject. These will allow clarifications about points that may not have been well understood. If we do not immediately acknowledge receiving the documents sent to us it does not mean that have gone unnoticed. We always take good care of them so that sooner or later they will be used.

Lack of space is not the only cause that may delay publication, but also the opportunity of the circumstances and the need to connect them to the articles so that they may serve as useful complements.

The multiplicity of our tasks, added to an extensive correspondence, leave us sometimes physically incapable of responding, as we would wish to do so and as it is our duty to do, to all of those who honor us with their letters. We thus beg you to please do not misinterpret our silence, independently of our wishes. We do hope that your motivation does not weaken and your correspondence continues. As such, we once again call your attention to the footnote at the end of the introduction of our first monthly issue, regarding the information we kindly ask you to provide, requesting that you do not forget to let us know when we can mention people and places without causing any issues.
The observations above are also equally applicable to the questions that are addressed to us, about the several points of the doctrine. When they need more extensive development it is even less possible to answer in writing since, many times, the same thing must be responded to many people. As our Review is destined to serve as a medium of correspondence, those responses will have a natural place here, whenever the discussed matters give us that opportunity. This will be a benefit and advantage to all as we will be able to provide a more complete answer.

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