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Observation about the drawing of Mozart’s house

One of our subscribers wrote the following lines regarding the drawing that we published in the last issue of our Review.

“The author of the article says: The treble clef is frequently repeated there and – something original – never the bass clef”. It seems that the medium’s eyes did not see all the details of the rich drawing executed by his hand, since a musician assured us that it is easy to recognize the bass clef direct and inverted in the decoration of the construction, whose central part shows the violin bow as in the extension of the decoration, to the left of the theorbo’s tip. In the opinion of the same musician the old form of the alto clef also appears near the slabs of the stairs, on the right hand side.”

OBSERVATION: We insert this observation with great satisfaction as it demonstrates how foreign the medium was to the execution of the drawing. By examining the details of the indicated parts one can effectively recognize the bass and alto clefs with which the author had inadvertently decorated his drawing. When we see him working we easily notice the absence of any premeditated conception and will. His hand, dragged by an occult power, gives the pencil or chisels the most irregular motion and, at the same time, the most contrary to the elementary precepts of art since it moves incessantly, with an incredible speed, from an end to the other of the board, unstoppable and returning to the same point a hundred times. At a first glance this results into an incoherent piece of work, only understandable when it is finished.

Such an original development is not peculiar to Mr. Sardou. We have seen all drawing mediums proceeding in the same way. We know a lady who is a skillful painter that teaches drawing skills and who is also a drawing medium. When she draws like a medium she works regardless of her own will, against all rules and by a process that would be impossible to follow when working under her own inspiration in a normal state. Her students, she said, would laugh if she taught them by the way of the spirits.


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