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About the Animals

48.Is the body of the animals more material than that of men? - Yes. Man is king, the god of the planet.

49.Are there carnivorous animals?
- The animals do not shred mutually. They all live submitted to man and love one another.

50.Are there, however, animals which escape the control of man, like the insects, fishes and birds?

- No. They are all useful to man.

51.We were told that the animals are the workers and the foremen who execute the material tasks, build the houses, etc. Is that exact?
- Yes. Man no longer lowers to serve his neighbor.

52.Are the animal servers connected to one person or a family or are they taken and exchanged at will, like here?

- They are all associated to a particular family. You change them looking for the best.

53.Do the serving animals live in slavery or in the state of freedom? Are they a property or can they change their masters, at will?

- They are in the state of submission.

54.Do the serving animals receive any compensation for their work?

- No.

55.Are the faculties of the animals developed by some sort of education?

- They develop by themselves.

56.Do the animals have a more precise and characteristic language than those of the Earthly animals?
- Certainly.

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