Allan Kardec

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Moral issuesQuestions addressed to St. Louis

1. Out of two rich men, the first one was born into opulence and never experienced need; the second one owes his fortune to his own work. Both employ them exclusively to satisfy their personal interests. Who is the one mostly to blame?
- The one who met suffering. He knows what suffering means.

2. The one who continuously accumulates, not doing any good to anybody, will he have an acceptable excuse in the idea of saving enough for their children?
- It is a compromise with evil consciousness

3. Out of two greedy persons, the first one deprives himself from the necessary, dying of deprivation over his treasure; the second one is only stingy with the others: he is excessive with himself. While he runs away before the first opportunity to help or of doing something useful, he does not see limits to his personal pleasures. He gets upset when a favor is asked; he wants to surrender to his caprices, which never end. Who is the one mostly to blame and which one will have the worst place in the spiritual world?

- The one who enjoys. The other one has already been punished.

4. The person who has not usefully employed his fortune while alive finds any relief in doing good deeds after death, by the destination given to his fortune?
- No. The good that someone does is worth its cost.

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