Allan Kardec

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General characteristics: Prevalence of spirit over matter; desire of good. Their qualities and capacities for the practice of good are proportional to the level they have reached: some have science, others wisdom and goodness; the most advanced unite knowledge to moral qualities. As they are not completely dematerialized, they more or less maintain, according to their classes, traces of the corporeal existence, both in their language as well as in their habits, where we can even identify certain customs, without which they would be perfect spirits.

They understand God and the infinity and already enjoy the happiness of the good ones. They feel happy for the good they spread as well as the evil they avoid. Love is a bonding source of ineffable happiness, unaltered by envy, or sorrow, or remorse, or by any other bad passion which torment the imperfect spirits; nevertheless all still have to endure trials before reaching absolute perfection.

As spirits, they give rise to good thoughts deviating men from tortuous paths; during life they protect those who are worthy of their protection and neutralize the influence of the imperfect spirits over those who are not pleased to submit to them.

When incarnated, these are good and benevolent to all their neighbors. They are not moved by pride or selfishness, or even by ambition. Do not experiment hate, resentment, envy or jealousy and practice good for the good.

These are the commonly designated good geniuses or protector geniuses, spirits of good in the vulgar beliefs. Over the times of superstition and ignorance, they were transformed into beneficent divinities.

They can also be divided into four main groups:

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