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Considerations concerning the Jupiter’s drawings

As announced, we publish in this issue of the periodical a drawing of a Jupiter dwelling, executed and engraved by Mr. Victorien Sardou as a medium, adding the descriptive article that he kindly wrote about it. As for the authenticity of the description, whatever might be the opinion of those who accuse us of getting involved with things that happen in unknown worlds, when there is so much to be done on Earth, we beg our readers to keep our objective in perspective, as well as the subtitle of the periodical, namely that it is the study of this phenomena and, as such, should not be neglected. Well, as a fact of manifestation, these drawings are the most remarkable since the author cannot draw nor engrave and that the drawing we offer is an etching made in a nine-hour period, without a model or a previous test. Even supposing that the drawing is a fantasy of the spirit who drew it, the simple fact of its execution would not be a lesser important fact to notice and, under the same title, it is up to our collection to make it known, as well as the description given by the spirits about it. It is not intended to satisfy the curiosity of futile individuals but as a subject for study by the serious individuals who want to pursue more indepth knowledge of the spiritist science.

It would be a mistake to consider that we make the revelation about the unknown worlds a capital point of the doctrine. This shall never be more than an accessory to us that we consider useful as a complementary study; the moral teaching will always be the most important to us and in the communications from beyond the grave we shall seek, above all, what can enlighten humanity and lead it to the good, the only means of ensuring happiness in this and in the other world.

Couldn’t we say the same about the astronomers who examine space and ask them what is the utility to human kind of knowing how to accurately calculate the parabolic trajectory of an invisible globe?

Not all sciences have an eminently practical interest. However, nobody intends to treat them with scorn because everything that broadens the circle of the ideas contributes to progress.

The same happens to the spiritist communications, even when they surpass the narrow circle of our own personality.

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