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Errant or Incarnated Spirits

Regarding their intimate qualities, the spirits belong to different orders, which they successively go through as they depurate. With respect to their state, the spirits can be incarnated, that is united to the body in any world, or errant, that is, disconnected from a material body and waiting for a new incarnation, so as to improve.

The errant spirits do not form a special category. It refers to one of the states in which they can be found.

The errant state, or erraticity, does not mean inferiority to the spirits, since they can be found in all degrees in such a state. Every spirit who is not incarnated is, as a consequence, errant, with the exception of the pure spirits who, for not having to go through other incarnations, are in a definitive state.

Since the incarnation is a transient state, erraticity is really the normal state of the spirits, and such a state is not forcibly expiation. In the state of erraticity they are happy or unfortunate, according to their degree of elevation, and the good or the evil that they might have practiced.

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