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Varieties - General Marceau

The Gazette of Cologne published the following story, sent by its correspondent in Koblenz, which nowadays is a compulsory subject of all conversations. The fact was also reported by the Patrie of November 10th, 1858.

“It is a known fact that below Emperor Francis’ fortress, just off the road to Cologne, there is the monument to the French general Marceau, fallen in Altenkirchen, and buried in Koblenz, at Mount St. Peter, where the main part of the fortress is located. The monument to the general, a truncated pyramid, was later removed when the fortification of Koblenz started. However, by expressed order of the late King Frederic III, it was reconstructed in the place where it stands today.”

“Mr. de Stramberg, who in his Reinischen Antiquarius, provides a very detailed biography of Marceau, saying that many people have allegedly seen the general riding his horse at night and for several times, wearing the white mantle of the French hunters.”

“Since some time now the word around in Koblenz was that Marceau would leave his burial and many people have attested to have seen him. A few days ago a soldier guarding the Petersberg (Mount St. Peter) saw a white knight, riding a white horse. He shouted: “Who is that?” As he did not get any answer back, after three enchanges he shot the apparition and then passed out. “Hearing the shooting a patrol hurried to help and found the sentinel unconscious. He was taken to the hospital, gravely ill, where he was nevertheless able to report what he had seen. Another version says that the soldier died as a consequence of the adventure. This is the story that can be confirmed by everyone in Koblenz.”


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