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Utility of Certain Private Evocations

The communications obtained from highly elevated spirits or who animated the great characters of the antiquity is precious for its highly educational content. These spirits have acquired a degree of perfection that allows them to cover a more extensive sphere of ideas; to penetrate mysteries beyond the reach of common humanity and therefore, better than others, initiate us on certain things. It does not follow that communications from spirits of lower orders are useless. Far from it: the observer collects many teachings from them. To learn about the customs of a people we must study it in all degrees of the scale.

Those who only had seen one face would hardly know it. The story of a people is not the story of their kings and social luminaries. To judge the people it is necessary to see them in their private life, in their particular habits. However, the superior spirits are the celebrities of the spiritual world. Their own elevation puts them at such a height above us that we are amazed by the distance that separates us. Spirits more bourgeois – kindly allow us to use the expression – describe the condition in their new existence in a more tangible way. In them, the connection between bodily life and the spirit’s life is more intimate; we understand it better, because it touches us more closely. Learning from them about what they became, what they think, what people of all conditions and all characters experience, both good men and the vicious ones, great and small, the happy as the unhappy ones of the century, in a word, men who lived among us, who we have seen and known, whose real life is known to us, as their virtues and caprices, understanding their joys and their sufferings; we associate with them and harvest a moral teaching which is so more useful the more intimate are the relationships between them and us.

We put ourselves in place of the one who was like us more easily than in place of those who we only see through the mirage of a heavenly glory. Vulgar spirits show us the practical application of the great and sublime truths, whose theory the superior spirits teach us. Moreover, there is nothing useless in the study of a science. Newton found the law of the forces of the universe in an extremely simple phenomenon.
Such communications have another advantage: to verify the identity of the spirits in a more precise manner. When a spirit tells us that he was Socrates or Plato, we are compelled to believe his word because he has no identity card. We can see in his words if he confirms or not the origin he assigns to himself: we judge him an elevated spirit - that is all. If he was really Socrates or Plato, it does not matter. But when the spirit of our relatives, our friends or those who we know manifest to us, there are a thousand circumstances of intimate details that the identity could not be mistaken. Thus we obtain, in a certain way, the material evidence. We therefore think that it will be appreciated if we carry out, from time to time, some of these intimate evocations: it is the romance of the spiritual life without fiction.

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