Allan Kardec

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Ninth class: Impure Spirits

They are inclined towards evil, object of their concerns. As spirits their advices are perfidious, spread discord and mistrust and use all masks to better deceive others. They associate themselves to those persons of sufficiently weak character to give in to their suggestions in order to take them to perdition, happy if able to delay progress, leading others to succumb in their trials.

Their language can be recognized in the manifestations. The triviality and gross expressions, with the spirits as with men, are always indications of moral, if not intellectual inferiority. Their communications reveal the baseness of their tendencies. When trying to deceive, speaking in a sensible way, they soon reveal their origin as they cannot sustain such role for long.

Certain peoples made them malevolent divinities; others designated them by demons, genies or evil spirits.

When incarnated the bodies they animate are inclined to all kinds of vices as well as their consequent vile and degrading passions: sensuality, cruelty, forgery, hypocrisy, cupidity and sordid greed. They do evil things for the pleasure of it, most of the time without motive and, by their hatred of good, usually electing their victims among good people. They are a scourge to humanity, whatever the class they belong and the varnish of civilization does not spare them from the opprobrium and ignominy.

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