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Physical State of the Inhabitants

18.Has the conformation of the bodies of its inhabitants a relationship with ours?

- Yes, it is the same.

19.Can you give us an idea of their height, as compared to the inhabitants of Earth?

- Large and well proportioned. Larger than your largest men. Man’s body is like the form of his spirit: beautiful when he is good. The covering is worthy of the spirit: it is no longer a prison.

20.Are the bodies opaque, diaphanous or translucent there?

- Some have a given property; others have another, according to their purpose.

21.We understand that, with respect to the inert bodies. But our question refers to the human bodies.

- The body surrounds the spirit without hiding it, like a translucent veil which covers a statue. In the inferior worlds the gross covering hides the spirit from his neighbors. But the good ones have nothing else to hide: each and everyone can read from the heart of the others. What would happen if it were like that here?

22.Is there a difference of sex over there?
- Yes, that is always the case where there is matter; it is a law of matter.

23.What is the basis of nourishment of its inhabitants? Is it animal and vegetal like here? - Purely vegetal. Man is the protector of the animals.

24.We were told that part of their feeding is extracted from the environment, whose emanations they inhale. Is that true?

- Yes.
25.Compared to ours, is life duration longer or shorter?

- Longer.
26.What is the average life span?

- How to measure time?
27.Could we take one of our centuries by comparison?

- I believe it is more or less five centuries.
28.Is the development of the infancy proportionally faster than ours?

- Man preserves his superiority: his infancy does not compress the intelligence neither does aging extinguish it.

29.Are men subjected to diseases?
- They are not subjected to your illnesses.

30.Is life divided between sleep and wake? - Between action and rest.

31.Can you give us an idea about the several occupations of men?

- I would have to speak a lot. Their main function is to encourage the spirits who inhabit the inferior worlds, so that they can persevere on the good path. Not having misfortunes to alleviate within their own element, they look for them where they do exist: they are the good spirits who support you and attract you to the good path.

32.Do they cultivate some arts there?
- They are useful there. Your arts are toys which distract your pains.

33.The specific density of the human body allows man to transport himself from one point to another, without staying attached to the ground, like here?

- Yes.
34.Is there the boredom and displeasure with life?

- No. The displeasure with life originates from the disregard of oneself.

35.Being the bodies of Jupiter’s inhabitants less dense than ours, are they formed by compact and condensed or airy matter?
- Compact to us but not to you. It is less condensed.

36.Is the body impenetrable, considering that it is made of matter? - Yes.

37.Do the inhabitants have, like us, an articulated language? - No. There is communication through thought among them.

38.Is the second sight, as we were informed, a normal faculty which stays among you? - Yes. The spirits do not have hindrance. Nothing is hidden from them.

39.If nothing is hidden to the spirits do they know the future? (We refer to the spirits incarnated in Jupiter).

- The knowledge about the future depends on the degree of perfection of the spirit: this has less inconvenient to us than to you; it is even necessary to us, up to a certain degree, for the accomplishment of the missions we are given. But to say that we know the future without restrictions would be the same as to level us to God.

40.Can you reveal to us everything you know about the future? - No. Wait until you have deserved to know it.

41.Do you communicate with the other spirits, more easily than us? - Yes, always. There is no longer matter between them and us.

42.Does death inspire the same horror and fear as with us?

- Why would it be frightening? Among us evil no longer exists. Only evil fears the last moment. It fears its judge.

43.What do the inhabitants of Jupiter become after death?
- Always growing towards perfection, without going through more trials.

44.Wouldn’t there be on Jupiter spirits who submit themselves to trials in order to accomplish a mission?

- Yes but it is not a trial. Only the love of good takes them to the suffering. 45.Can they fail in their missions?

- No because they are good. There is weakness only where there are defects.
46.Could you name a few spirits, inhabitants of Jupiter, who have accomplished a great mission on Earth?

- St. Louis.

47.Couldn’t you name others?
- Why does it matter? There are unknown missions whose objective is the happiness of only one. At times, these are the greatest and most painful ones.

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