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The Flowers

OBSERVATION: This communication and the following one were obtained by Mr. F..., the same that we talked about in our October issue with respect to the obsessed and subjugated. One can see the difference regarding the nature of his communications now and those from that time. His free- will completely triumphed from the obsession that victimized him, and his bad spirit no longer showed up. These two dissertations were dictated to him by Bernard Pallissy. *

“Flowers were created in the world as symbols of beauty, purity and hope.”

“How come man who watches the unfolding petals every spring and the flowers fading to bear delicious fruits doesn’t think that his life, in the same way, will wither but will eventually yield eternal fruits? What does it matter to you the storms and torrents? These flowers will never perish nor the most delicate work of the Creator. Have courage then you men that fall in the streets; stand up as the lily does after the storm, purer and more radiant. As with the flowers, the winds shake you right and left from all sides; they knock you down and drag you over the mud, but when the sun is up again raise your heads as the noblest and the greatest.”

“So, love the flowers. They are the emblem of your life and do not be ashamed to be compared to them. Have them everywhere, in your gardens, in your houses, in your temples even, as they are pleasant everywhere. They always inspire poetry and elevate the soul of whoever understands them. Wasn’t that in the flowers that God has manifested all of his magnificence? How would you know the sweet colors with which the Creator has brightened nature if it were not for the flowers? Before man had searched the guts of Earth to find the ruby and topaz, he had the flowers before him, and the infinite variety of shades already consoled him from the monotony of Earth’s surface. So love the flowers then: you will be purer and kinder; you will eventually become like children but you will be the beloved children of God, and your soul simple and spotless will be accessible to all His love, to all joy with which He will warm up your hearts.”

“Flowers wish to be treated by enlightened hands. Intelligence is necessary for their prosperity. You have been doing wrong on Earth since long ago by leaving such a care to unskillful hands that mutilated them when trying to embellish them. There is nothing sadder than those round or pointed trees in some of your gardens, pyramids of greenery that look more like a haystack. Let nature flourish on a thousand of different ways: that is the grace. Happy is the one that can appreciate the beauty of a simple branch that swings, spreading the fertilizing dust. Happy is the one who sees the infinity of grace in their brilliant colors, finesse, shades, nuances that escape and seek one another, flee and reunite. Blessed is the one that can understand the beauty of the graded shades! From the dark root that marries Earth to the blending colors of the scarlet tulips and poppies (why such harsh and weird names?). Study all this and notice the leaves that sprout from one another, like endless generations, until their complete blossom under the celestial dome.”

“Doesn’t it seem like the flowers germinate from Earth to launch themselves towards other worlds? Doesn’t it seem like many times they painfully lower their heads for being incapable of rising even further? Don’t we think that, for their beauty, the flowers are closer to God? Thus, imitate them and become greater and more beautiful.”

“Your way of learning botany is defective. It is not enough to know the name of a plant. I shall call you again when you have time to work on a book of that kind. I defer to a later time the lessons I wanted to give you today. They will be most useful when we have the opportunity to apply them. Then we will talk about the kinds of culture, the places that suit them; the arrangement of the buildings for ventilation and sanitary conditions of the dwellings.”

“If you publish this, remove the last paragraphs so that they are not seen as propaganda.”

* See the Spiritist Magazine, Volume 4.

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