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Physical State of the Globe

8.Is it possible to compare Jupiter’s temperature to that one of our latitudes?

- No. It is smooth and temperate; it is always the same whereas yours vary. Think of the Elysian Fields, whose description has already been given to you.

9.The picture given to us by the antiques about the Elysian Fields would be the result of an intuitive knowledge which they had of a superior world, such as Jupiter, for example?

- From the positive knowledge. The evocation was in the hands of the priests.

10.Does the temperature, like here, vary according to the latitude? - No.

11.According to our calculations, the Sun must be seen by Jupiter’s inhabitants as very small and, consequently, provide very little light. Can you tell us if the light intensity is like that on Earth or much weaker?

- Jupiter is surrounded by a kind of spiritual light, related to the essence of its inhabitants. The gross light of your Sun was not made for them.

12.Is there an atmosphere? - Yes.

13.Is Jupiter’s atmosphere formed by the same elements as of Earth’s atmosphere? - No. Men are not the same. Their needs change.

14.Are there water and seas in Jupiter? - Yes.

15.Is water formed by the same elements as ours? - More ethereal.

16.Are there volcanoes?

- No. Our globe is not tormented like yours. Nature there did not have its great crises. It is the dwelling of the blessed ones. Matter almost does not exist there.

17.Do the plants have analogy with ours? - Yes, but they are more beautiful.

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