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Family conversations from beyond the grave

One of our subscribers sent us the following two interviews with the spirit of Mozart. When and how they happened is unknown to us; we do not know neither the interviewer nor the medium; we are completely unaware of all of this. It is remarkable, however, the perfect agreement between the answers thus obtained and those given by other spirits about several principal points of the Doctrine, in completely different circumstances, relative to us or to other people, which we have duly transcribed in previous issues and in the Spirits’ Book.

It is about such similarities that we draw our readers’ attention, and they should then arrive to the conclusion that seems most adequate to them. Those who could still think that the answers to our questions are the result of our own personal opinion will see if, in this case, we were able to have any influence over their answers.

We congratulate those individuals who maintained these conversations by the mode in which the questions were framed. Despite certain faults that demonstrates the inexperience of the interviewers, the questions are generally formulated in order, with clarity and accuracy, and do not move away from the line of seriousness. This framework produce the necessary conditions required to obtain good communications.


1. In God’s name, spirit of Mozart, are you here? - Yes.

2. Why are you Mozart and not another spirit? - You evoked me: then I came.

3. What is a medium?
- The agent who links my spirit to yours.

4. What are the physiological and soul related changes that the medium unwittingly suffers in order to act as an intermediary?

- His body feels nothing but his spirit, partially released from matter, is in communication with mine, bonding myself to him.
5. What happens at this very moment?

- Nothing with the body; only part of his spirit is attracted to me; I make his hand act by the power my spirit exerts over it.

6. Thus, the medium enters into communication with individualities different from theirs?

- Certainly. You too, without being a medium, you are in touch with me. 7. What are the elements that contribute to this phenomenon?

- The attraction of the spirits, with the objective of instructing men; physical laws of electricity.

8. What are the indispensable conditions? - It is a faculty given by God.

9. What is the determining principle? - I cannot say.

10. Can you reveal the laws?
- No, no, not for now. Later you will know everything.

11. In which positive terms one could announce the synthetic formula of such a wonderful phenomenon?

- Unknown laws that you could not understand.

12. Could the medium communicate with the soul of a living person? In which conditions?
- Easily, if the person is asleep. *

13. How do you understand the word soul?

- Divine spark.
14. And the word spirit?

- Spirit and soul are one in the same thing.
15. As immortal spirit, has the soul consciousness of the instant of death, consciousness

of itself or of the self immediately after death?

- The soul knows nothing about the past and ignores the future, unless after the death of the body. Then the soul sees its past life and its last trials; chooses its new expiation on a new existence, as the forthcoming trials. Thus, no one should regret their sufferings on Earth, but withstand them with courage.

16. Is the soul disconnected from all elements after death, from all Earthly ties?

- Not from all elements. The soul has a proper fluid, extracted from the atmosphere of its planet, showing the appearance of its last incarnation. The earthly ties are nothing to the soul.

17. Does the soul know where it came from and where it is going to? - The answer to question 15 above solves that.

18. Does the soul carry anything from Earth?

- Nothing other than the memories of the good deeds, the regret for the faults and the desire to move to a better world.

19. Does the soul embrace, in a retrospective glimpse, its entire past life?

- Yes, to serve its future life.
20. Does the soul perceive the objective of the Earthly life and its meaning; the importance of what is done here with respect to a future life?

- Yes, the soul understands the need for depuration to get to the infinite; wishes to purify in order to achieve the blessed worlds. I am happy but I am not yet in the worlds from where one enjoys the vision of God.

21. Is there a hierarchy of spirits in the future life? What is the law?

- Yes. It is the degree of depuration that characterizes it. Goodness and virtues are the titles of glory.

22. Is the intelligence that determines the ascending march, as a progressive power? - Mostly the virtues, by loving thy neighbor.

23. A hierarchy of spirits presumes a hierarchy of residences. Does it exist? How?

- The intelligence, which is God’s gift, is always the reward of the virtues of charity and love to the neighbor. The spirits inhabit different planets, according to their degree of perfection. They enjoy greater or lesser happiness on those planets.

24. What should we understand by superior spirits? - The purified spirits.

25. Is our planet Earth the first of those steps, the starting point, or have we come from an even inferior point?

- There are two globes before yours, which is one of the least perfect.

26. In which world do you live? Are you happy there?
- Jupiter. I enjoy a great calm there; I love everyone around me. There is no hatred.

27. If you have memory of your earthly life then you should remember the couple A... from Vienna. Have you seen them both after your death? In which world and under which condition?

- I do not know where they are. I cannot tell you. One is happier than the other. Why do you ask me about them?

28. Due to one unique word, indicative of a capital fact of your life and which you could not have forgotten; can you provide a positive proof of that memory? I request that you tell me that word.

- Love, appreciation.


The interviewer is no longer the same. By the nature of the conversation, it seems to be a musician, happy for meeting a master. After several questions that we found useless to reproduce, Mozart says:

1. Let us finish G... issues. I will talk to you. I will tell you what we understand by melody in our world. Why haven’t you evoked me earlier? I would have answered.

2. What is melody?

- To you, many times it is like a memory from a past life; your spirit remembers what he has seen in a better world. In Jupiter, where I live, there is melody everywhere: in the murmur of the waters, in the whisper of the leaves, in the song of the winds; the flowers mutter and sing; everything produces melodious sounds. Be good and reach that planet by your virtues. By singing God’s music you have chosen well. Religious music helps in the elevation of the soul. How much would I like to inspire in you the desire to see this world where we are so happy! We are all very charitable here; everything is beautiful! Nature is so admirable! All things inspire in us the desire to be with God. Courage! Courage! Believe in my spiritist communication. It is really I here, with you. I enjoy the power of telling you what we experience. I wish I could inspire you enough to the love of good, so that you could become worthy of such a reward, which is nothing compared to the ones I seek!

3. Is our music the same in other worlds?

- No. No music can give you an idea of what we have here. It is Divine! Oh happiness! Strive to deserve the enjoyment of such harmonies; fight, have courage! We do not have instruments here: the plants and the birds are the members of the choir. The thought composes and the audience enjoys, without a material hearing, without the help of the word, and all that from an incommensurable distance. That is still more sublime in the superior worlds.

4. What is the life span of an incarnated spirit in another planet other than ours?

- Short in the inferior planets; longer in worlds like in the one I am lucky to be. In Jupiter the average is about three hundred to five hundred years.

5. Would there be great advantage on returning to live on Earth? - No, unless we are on a mission since we then advance.

6. Shouldn’t we be happier remaining as spirits?

- No, no! We would stay stationary. We ask for the reincarnation in order to progress towards God.

7. Is it the first time I am on Earth?
- No. But I cannot talk about your spiritual past.

8. Could I see you in dreams?

- If God allows so, I will take you to my residence in your dreams, of which you shall keep the memory.

9. Where are you here?
- Between you and your daughter. I see you. I have the appearance I had when alive.

10. Could I see you?

- Yes. Believe it and you shall see. If you had a greater faith we could tell you why. Your own profession is a link between us.

11. How did you come inside here? - The spirit penetrates everything.

12. Are you still too far away from God? - Oh! Yes!

13. Do you understand eternity better than us?
- Yes, yes. You cannot understand it in the body.

14. What do you understand by Universe? Was there a beginning and will there be an end?

- According to your thoughts the Universe is your land. Senseless! The Universe did not have a beginning nor will it have an end. Understand that it is entirely God’s work. The Universe is the infinite.

15. What should I do to calm down?

- Do not worry so much about the body. Your spirit is perturbed. Resist to that tendency.

16. Which perturbation is this? - You fear death.

17. What should I do to not fear?

- Believe in God. Above all, believe that God does not deprive the family from a useful father.

18. How can I reach such a state? - By the will.

19. Where should I find such a will?
- Move your thoughts away from that by your work.

20. What should I do to improve my skills?

- You can evoke me. I got the permission to inspire you. 21. When I am working?

- Certainly! Whenever you wish to work I will be sometimes by your side. 22. You will hear my work (a musical piece from the interviewer)?

- You are the first musician to evoke me. I come to you with pleasure and listen to your works.

23. How come you were not evoked?
- I was evoked but not by musicians.

24. By whom?
- By several ladies and amateurs in Marseille.

25. Why does the Ave Maria take me to tears?

- Your spirit detaches, unites to mine and Pergolese’s, who has inspired me that piece of work, but I forgot that part.

26. How could you forget the music that you composed?
- The one I have here is so beautiful! How should I remember what was only material?

27. Do you see my mother?
- She is incarnated on Earth.

28. In which body?
- I cannot tell you anything about it.

29. How about my father?

- He is errant, helping with the good deeds. He will make your mom progress. They will reincarnate together and will be happy.

30. Does he come to see me?
- Many times. You owe him your charitable impulses.

31. Was it my mother who has asked to reincarnate?

- Yes. She really wanted to reincarnate to initiate a new trial to be able to go to a superior world. She has already covered a huge step.

32. What do you mean by that?

- She has resisted all temptations. Her life on Earth was sublime when compared to her past, which was of an inferior spirit. She has thus climbed several steps.

33. She had then chose a trial beyond her strength?
- Yes, that is right.

34. When I see her in my dreams, is that her herself that I see?
- Yes, yes.

35. Had Bichat been evoked on the very day of the inauguration of his statue, would he have responded? Was he there?

- Yes, he was; and I was too.

36. Why were you there?

- As several other spirits who appreciate the good and feel happy when you glorify those concerned with the sufferings of humanity.

37. Thank you Mozart. Good-bye.

- Believe me; believe that I am here... I am happy... Believe that there are worlds above yours... Believe in God... Evoke me more frequently, in the company of other musicians. I will be happy to instruct you, contributing to your progress, helping you to elevate to God. Evoke me. Good-bye.

* If a person who is alive were evoked in the waking state, he can fall asleep at the time of the evocation or, at least, suffer numbness and a suspension of the sensitive faculties. Many times, however, the evocation does not produce anything if it is not done, above all, with a serious and benevolent intention.

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