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NOTE: From previous evocations we knew that Bernard Palissy, a famous potter of the XVI century, lives in Jupiter. The following answers confirm, in all points, what we were told about that planet, in multiple occasions, by other spirits and through different mediums. We thought they would be read with interest as a complement to the classification we gave in our last issue. The identification of these descriptions, as with the previous ones, is a remarkable fact that serves as a presumption of accuracy.

1.Where did you go after leaving Earth? - I still remained here.

2.What was your condition here?
- Under the aspect of a lovely and dedicated woman. It was a simple mission.

3.Did that mission last long? - Thirty years.

4.Do you remember the name of that woman? - It was obscure.

5.Does the importance given to your work please you? Does it compensate the sufferings you had to endure?

- Why would I care about the material work of my hands? What is important to me is the suffering that has elevated me.

6.What was the aim of the admirable drawings you have produced about planet Jupiter, through the hand of Mr. Victorien Sardou?

- The aim was to inspire in you the desire to become better.

7.Considering that you frequently come to this Earth, which you inhabited many times, you must know very well its physical and moral states in order to establish a comparison between Earth and Jupiter. We would ask you to enlighten us about those points.

- I come to your globe only as a spirit. The spirit has no longer material sensations.

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