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A lesson of calligraphy by a spirit

Generally speaking the spirits are not masters of calligraphy hence the writings through the medium are not typically elegant. With respect to that, one of our mediums, Mr. D..., presented an exceptional phenomenon that was the production of a much better writing under the inspiration of the spirits than from his own capacity. His normal calligraphy is really bad (he does not brag about it saying that it is the trait of the great spirits). However he acquires a special talent, very distinct, according to the communicating spirit, and it is always the same with the same spirit, but always clearer, more legible and more correct. With some writings it has an English style, marked by some audacity. One of the members of the Society, Dr. V..., had the idea of evoking a distinct calligraphy expert, with the objective of observing the writings. He knew one expert by the name of Bertrand, deceased a couple of years back, with whom we had the following conversation in another session:

1. Following our evocation procedure, he responded:
- I am here.

2. Where were you when we evoked you?
- I was already near you.
3. Do you know the main reason that made us evoke you?
- No, but I wish to know.

OBSERVATION: The spirit of Mr. Bertrand is still under the influence of matter, as it is reasonable to suppose. It is a known fact that such spirits are less capable of reading our thoughts than those who are less materialized.

4. We would like to have you writing through the medium a calligraphic text with the characters you would use when alive. Can you do that?
- I can.

OBSERVATION: Since those words the medium, who does not apply the rules learned from the masters of calligraphy, assumed a correct posture, without noticing, both of the body and the hand. Everything else was written like in the attached facsimile. As a means of comparison we also reproduced the normal writing of the medium.

5. Do you remember the circumstances of your earthly life?
- Some.

6. Could you tell us in which year did you die?
- I died in 1856.

7. How old were you?
- I was 56 years old.

8. In which city did you live?
- Saint-Germain.

9. What was your life style?
- I tried to satisfy the bodily needs.

10. Did you take care of matters related to beyond the grave?
- Almost nothing.

11. Do you regret the fact that you no longer belong to this world?
- I regret not having effectively used my time.

12. Are you happier than on Earth?
- No. I suffer for the good deeds I did not do.

13. What do you think about the future that awaits you?
- I think that I need all of God’s mercy.

14. What are your relationships in the world where you are?
- Regrettable and unhappy relationships.

15. When you come to Earth, do you go to some places preferable to others?
- I look for the souls that have compassion for my penalties or pray for me.

16. Do you see the earthly things with the same clarity as before?
- I don’t bother seeing them. If I did it would be another cause of displeasure.

17. They say that you showed little tolerance when alive. Is that true?
- I was much violent.

18. What do you think about the objective of our meetings?
- I wish I could have known about them when I was alive. They would have made me better.

19. Do you see other spirits where you are?
- Yes but I feel confused in their presence.

20. We pray to God that He may have you in His saint mercy. The feelings you have just expressed should allow you to find grace before Him. We don’t doubt that they will help in your progress.
- I thank you. May God protect you. I praise Him for that. I hope my time comes.

OBSERVATION: The teachings provided by the spirit of Mr. Bertrand are absolutely exact and in agreement with the life style and his known character. It is only when confessing his inferiority and his mistakes that the language is more serious and elevated than what one could expect. Once more we had the proof of the difficult situation of those that are very attached to matter. It is how the inferior spirits sometimes give us, by their example, valuable moral lessons.

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