Allan Kardec

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A recurrent question frequently addressed to us is related to the spirits who answer the questions directed to them, with more or less precision, when people would like to know whether the spirits could write a lengthier piece of work. The proof is in the story, like this one, that does not handle a series of questions and answers but is a complete and ordered narrative, similarly to what a historian would do, containing a huge amount of details, more or less already known, with respect to the hero lady’s life.

Those who might believe that Ms. Dufaux was inspired by her personal knowledge of the subject, we answer that she was only fourteen years old when she wrote the book. In addition and not withstanding her stable family background and education, she would not have been able to find intimate documents, hardly found in the archives of those days. We are aware that the doubters will have thousands of objections but for us, who saw the medium in action, the origin of the book is unquestionable.

Given that Ms. Dufaux’s faculty attains to the evocation of any spirit, which we have ourselves demonstrated through personal communications transmitted to us, her specialty is history. She equally wrote the story of Louis XI and Charles VIII that, as with that of Joan of Arc, will also be published. A curious phenomenon happened to her. In the beginning she was a good psychograph medium, writing with facility. Slowly she turned into pneumatophony * and along with the development of this faculty, the first one diminished. Today she hardly writes and does with difficulty. When speaking, however, and this is original, she feels the need to have a pencil in her hand and pretends to be writing. Another person is needed to register her words, similarly to those of Sibyl. As with every medium favored by the good spirits, she has never received communications that are not of an elevated order. We shall return to the story of Joan of Arc to explain the facts of her life, related to the invisible world; we will then cite what she had dictated to her most notable interpreter.

* 1 vol, in - 12, 3 francs, Dentu, Palais-Royal

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