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The spirit and the heirs

One of our subscribers, from The Hague, Holland, reports to us the following fact that took place with a group of friends who were carrying out spiritist manifestations. This demonstrates, he says, once more, and without possible denial, the existence of an intelligent and invisible element, acting individually and directly upon us.

“The spirits announce themselves by the movement of a heavy table and by rapping. We asked their names: these are the deceased Mr. and Mrs. G...., very wealthy during their existence. The husband, who actually had the fortune, did not have children, having disinherited his relatives in favor of his wife’s relatives, since she died not long before him. Among the nine people present in this session, there were two of the disinherited persons, as well as the husband of one of them.

Mr. G... was always a poor man and a humble servant to his wife. After her death, her family moved into his house to take care of him. The will was written with a medical testimony, declaring that the moribund man was perfectly aware of his actions.

The husband of the disinherited lady, who we shall call Mr. R... spoke in the following terms: “How dare you show up here, after the scandalous will you left?” Later, exacerbating even further, he ended up swearing at them. The table was then raised and the lamp thrown at the man's head with impact. He then apologized, asking for the reason of their presence at that session.

We came to explain to you the reasons of our conduct. The answers were given by means of hits on specific letters of the alphabet. Knowing the ineptitude of the husband, Mr. R... abruptly asked him to leave, allowing his wife to speak, who he would then listen.

Then the spirit of Mrs. G... said that Mrs. R... and her sister were rich enough and could go without their part in the inheritance; that others were evil and others, in the end, should suffer that trial; that due to those reasons the fortune was more adequate to her own family. Mr. R... was not satisfied with the explanation and threw up his rage with scolding slander. Then the table was violently agitated, jumped, heavily stomped on the floor and once again the lamp was thrown at Mr. R... head.

The spirit calmed down and tried to persuade the others that after her death she was informed that a superior spirit had dictated the last will and testiment. Mr. R... and the ladies, realizing the futility of arguing any further, forgave one another. Soon the table rose near Mr. R... and smoothly landed on his chest, as if embracing him. The two ladies received the same demonstration of appreciation. The table then presented a strong vibration. Once the understanding was established the spirit said she was sorry for the actual heir, saying that she would end up crazy anyway.

Still, Mr. R... kindly reprimanded her for not having done any good in life, when she was gifted by such a great fortune, adding that she was not missed by anybody. “Yes, said the spirit; there is a poor widow residing at .... street who sometimes thinks of me, as I have from time to time given her food, clothes and heat.”

Since the spirit had not provided the name of the poor woman, one of those present looked for the indicated address. And what is still worthwhile noticing is the fact that after the death of Mrs. G..., the poor lady had changed address. The latest was the one indicated by the spirit.”

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