Allan Kardec

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Malice has no limits in some individuals. Slander is always a poison against anyone who rises above the crowd. Mr. Home’s adversaries thought that ridicule was a very weak weapon: it should have turned against the respectable names that surround him with their protection. Since they could not make fun of him, they tried to denigrate him. They spread the rumor with the objective which we understand well – and the evil tongues repeat – that Mr. Home did not travel to Italy, as announced, but that he was in prison in Mazas, under grave accusations, which they use as anecdotes, to satisfy the enthusiasm of the lazy and friends of scandals.

We can assure that there is no truth in all those evil machinations. We have before us several letters from Mr. Home, stamped from Pisa, Rome and Naples, where he currently is located. We can then prove our statements.

The spirits are correct when they say that the real demons are among men.


A newspaper states: “According to the Gazette des Hopitaux * , at this very moment a group of 25 people were taken to the hospital of the “alienated” in Zurich, for losing their minds, thanks to the turning tables and the rapping spirits”. First, we question if it has been well established that all 25 alienated have lost their minds thanks to the rapping spirits, what is contestable, at least until authentic proofs are provided. Admitting that these strange phenomena have been able to negatively influence certain weak characters, we then ask if, on another hand, the fear of devil has not created more madness than the belief in the spirits. Well, considering that one cannot prevent the spirits from rapping, the danger is in the belief that all those who manifest are demons. Eliminating this idea, by showing the truth, there will no longer be any more fear than that of the fireflies. The idea that one is beset by the devil is perfectly cut to disturb reason.

Contrary to that we have different news from another newspaper which says: “There is a curious statistical document about the dismal consequences that follows the habit of intemperance and heavy drinking among the English.

Out of 100 individuals taken to the Hamwel hospitals of the effected individuals, 72 have mental disorders associated to drunkenness.”


We have received numerous reports of very interesting facts from our members that we will promptly publish in our forthcoming issues, since lack of space does not allow us to do that in the current issue.

Allan Kardec **

* Gazette of the Hospitals
** In this issue there was no indication of the printing company

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