Allan Kardec

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First Class: Pure Spirits

Have passed through all degrees of the scale and are cleansed from all impurities of matter. Having achieved supreme perfection attainable by the creature, they do not have to go through trials and expiations. No longer subjected to incarnation in perishable bodies, enjoy the eternal life by God’s side.

Live an unaltered happiness as they no longer are subjected to the needs and vicissitudes of the material life, but such a happy state is not a monotonous idleness in a perpetual state of contemplation. They are the messengers and ministers of God whose orders execute in order to maintain universal harmony. Command all spirits below them, attributing missions and helping in their progression. Show contentment in supporting man with their anguishes, stimulating them towards the practice of good, encouraging them with the expiation of their faults which keep them away from the supreme happiness. These are sometimes called angels, archangels or seraphim.

Man can communicate with them but anyone who intended to have them at their service would be presumptuous.

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