Allan Kardec

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17. Does humankind have the ability to understand the frst principle of things?
“No. There are things that God does not reveal to human beings here in this world.”

18. Will human beings ever be able to penetrate the mystery of things that are concealed from them?
“The veil will be lifted as human beings achieve their purifcation, but to understand certain things they need faculties that they do not yet possess.”

19. Can humankind penetrate some of the secrets of nature through scientifc investigations and research?
“Science is a means of development for human beings, but they cannot surpass the limits set by God.”

The farther humans penetrate the investigation of these mysteries, the greater their veneration of the power and wisdom of the Creator should be. However, due to pride and weakness, human intelligence often leads to misconceptions. Humans pile systems on top of systems and every single day they learn how many errors they have mistaken for truths, and how many truths they have dismissed as errors. This amounts to more disappointment than human pride can bear.

20. Through means other than scientifc investigation, is humankind able to receive communications of a higher order that transcend human senses?
“Yes. When God deems it useful. God reveals to human beings what science is incapable of teaching them.”

Through these communications, humans are able to obtain knowledge of their past and future destiny, to a certain degree.

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