Allan Kardec

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530. Can fippant and mocking spirits cause pesky annoyances that defeat our projects and upset our plans? In other words are they the architects of what we commonly call the petty troubles of human life?
“These spirits take pleasure in causing disturbances that test your patience, but they tire of this game when they see that they are unsuccessful in perturbing you. However, it would be neither just nor correct to blame them for all your disappointments your own recklessness causes the majority of them. When your china breaks, it is much more likely to have been caused by your own clumsiness rather than by a spirit.”

a) Why do spirits cause pesky annoyances? Is it out of personal animosity or they attack the frst person who crosses their path for no other reason than pure spite?
“They act out due to both of these motives. In some cases, they are enemies whom you have made during your present or former life, and who pursue you accordingly. In others, they act without any fxed objective in mind.”

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