Allan Kardec

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200. Do spirits have a gender?
“Not as you comprehend it, because gender depends on the physical makeup. Love and sympathy exist among them, but founded on a similarity of sentiments.”

201. Can a spirit that has animated the body of a man animate the body of a woman in a new existence, and vice versa?
“Yes, the same spirit can animate both male and female bodies.”

202. Does a spirit, when in the spirit world, prefer to be incarnated as a man or as a woman?
“Spirits are indifferent in this regard, which is always decided according to the trials that they must undergo.”

Spirits incarnate themselves as men or women because they have no gender and, as it is necessary for them to develop in every direction, both sexes, as well as every variety of social position, provide them with special trials and duties, and with the opportunity of acquiring experience. A spirit who always incarnate as a man would only possess the experiences and knowledge of men.

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