Allan Kardec

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188. Do pure spirits inhabit special worlds, or are they in universal space without being attached to any specifc planet?
“Pure spirits inhabit specifc worlds, but they are not confned to them as people are on Earth. They possess the highest power of instantaneous movement.” (1)

(1) According to the spirits, Earth and its inhabitants, both physically and morally, is one of the least advanced of all the planets of our solar system. Mars is even lower, and Jupiter is greatly superior to Earth in every respect. The Sun is not inhabited by corporeal beings, but constitutes a meeting place for higher spirits to irradiate their thoughts to the other worlds that they govern through lower spirits, to whom they transmit their action through the universal fuid. In terms of physical makeup, the sun is a center of electricity, and all other stars seem to be identical to ours in nature and function. The size of the planets and their distance from the sun have no bearing on their individual degree of advancement. For example, Venus is said to be more advanced than Earth, and Saturn less advanced than Jupiter. Spirits that have been embodied as many well-known individuals on Earth are said to be reincarnated on Jupiter, a world that is one of the closest to perfection. Learning that individuals who did not merit such placement have been welcomed to such, an advanced planet garnered quite a bit of shock. We do not fnd anything surprising here. First, we must consider that some spirits who have roamed this planet may have been sent here on a mission, despite seeming to hold a low or inferior rank in our eyes. Second, these individuals may have had intermediary existences between their lives on Earth and on Jupiter, during which they made great strides in self-improvement. Lastly, there are infnite degrees of development on Jupiter, just as here on Earth, and there may be as much distance between said degrees as between a savage and a civilized person on Earth. Living on Jupiter does not necessarily imply they have become equal to the most advanced beings, just as an illiterate fool is not considered equal to a philosopher simply because they both live in Paris. The conditions of longevity are different and no comparison can be made between ages. A person, who died several years ago, was contacted and stated that he had been incarnated in a world for six months, a world that is unknown to us. When asked his age in that world, he replied, “I’m not sure because we do not count time the same way you do. Second, our mode of existence is not the same. Our development is much more rapid in this world. Despite only being here for six months, according to your measurement of time, I am about what one usually is at the age of thirty on Earth in terms of intelligence.” Other spirits have given many similar replies, and nothing implausible has been observed. On Earth, many animals acquire full development in only a few months. Is there any reason why the same cannot apply to people in other worlds? We should point out, however, that the degree of development acquired by a 30-year-old man on Earth is only infancy when compared to his destiny. Those who consider humanity, in its current form, as the standard of creation are quite shortsighted. To assume that ours is the only type of existence in the universe is to undervalue God’s Divine power. A.K.

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