Allan Kardec

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9. Where may we see in the frst cause of all things a supreme intelligence, superior to all other intelligences?
“There is the proverb that dictates, ‘The worker is known by his or her work.’ In that case, look at the work and you will fnd the author. Pride is what creates skeptics. Arrogant human beings want nothing to be above them, which is why they are called strong-minded. Pitiful beings, just one breath from God would obliterate them!”

We evaluate the power of intelligence by its works. As no human being could create that which is produced by nature, the frst cause must be superior to humans. Regardless of the wonders accomplished by humankind, human intelligence itself has a cause and the greater the results achieved, the greater the cause of which it is the effect. It is this supreme intelligence that is the frst cause of all things, whatever name humanity may bestow upon it.

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