Allan Kardec

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766. Is social life founded in nature?
“Certainly, God made human beings to live in a society. God has given human beings speech and the other faculties they need for a social life for a purpose.”

767. Does absolute isolation conflict with the law of nature?
“Yes, since human beings instinctively seek associations and all people are meant to help advance progress by helping one another.”

768. In seeking out society, do human beings only yield to a personal motivation, or is there a greater providential purpose?
“Humans must progress. They cannot do it alone because they do not possess all faculties and need contact with other humans. They become animal-like and stunted when isolated.”

No one possesses the complete range of faculties. Through social union, human beings complete one another, and mutually secure their well-being. Because they need one another, they have been created for living in society and not in isolation.

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