Allan Kardec

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The universe comprises an infinite number of worlds that we see and even those we do not see, in addition to all animate and inanimate beings, all the stars that revolve in space, and all the energy that flls up that space.

37. Was the universe created, or has it existed for all eternity, like God?
“The universe obviously could not have made itself, and if it has existed for eternity, as God has, it could not be God’s work.” Reason tells us that the universe cannot have made itself, and as it could not be the work of chance, it must be the work of God.

38. How did God create the universe?
“Using a well-known expression: God’s will. Nothing can give a better idea of this all-powerful will than those striking words contained in the Book of Genesis, ‘God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.’”

39. Can we know how the worlds were created?
“All that we can say and that you are capable of understanding is that the worlds were created by the condensation of matter distributed throughout space.”

40. In accordance with current beliefs are comets the beginning of matter condensation and thus, worlds that are in the process of being formed?
“Yes, but it is absurd to believe in their infuence. More specifcally, the infuence that is commonly attributed to them, because all the heavenly bodies have their own role in certain physical phenomena.”

41. Can a completely formed world disappear and have its matter then be re-distributed throughout space?
“Yes. God renews worlds just as living beings are renewed.”

42. Can we know the length of time required to create worlds, Earth, for instance? “I cannot answer this question because only the Creator knows. The person who claims to possess such knowledge or knowing how many centuries were required for such formation would be foolish.”

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