Allan Kardec

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1. What is God?
“God is the Supreme Intelligence, the first cause of all things.”8 (1)

2. What is to be understood by infinity?
“That which has neither a beginning nor an end, the unknown. All that is unknown is infinite.”

3. Can it be said that God is the infinite?
“This is an incomplete defnition. One shortcoming of the language of humankind is that it lacks the ability to defne that which transcends human intelligence.”

God is infinite in Divine perfections, but infnity is an abstraction. Asserting that God is infinite is to substitute the attribute of something with the thing itself, and to defne something unknown by reference to something else that is likewise unknown.

(1) The text in quotation marks following each question is the actual response given by the spirits. The comments and clarifcations added by the author are in a smaller font whenever they might otherwise be confused with the spirits’ response. Where the author’s comments constitute full chapters, the regular font is maintained, as there is no possibility of confusion. A.K.

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