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447. Is there any connection between the phenomenon known as second sight with dreaming and somnambulism?
“They are all the same thing. What you call second sight is also a state in which the spirit is partially free, although the body is not asleep. Second sight is soul sight.”

448. Is second sight permanent?
“The ability is permanent, but its exercise is not. In less material worlds, spirits can free themselves more easily from matter and communicate with one another via thought, without excluding verbal speech. In those worlds, second sight is a constant ability for most of their inhabitants. Their normal state may be compared to that of waking somnambulism among you, and this is why they manifest themselves more easily to you than those who are incarnated in more rudimentary bodies.”

449. Does second sight occur spontaneously, or through the will of those who possess that gift?
“It generally occurs spontaneously, but will often plays an important role in producing this phenomenon. Look at fortune-tellers, for example, and others who really have that power, and you will fnd that their will helps them with this second sight or what you call vision.”

450. Can second sight be further developed by exercise?
“Yes, effort always leads to progress and the veil that covers things becomes more transparent.”

a) Is this ability dependent upon physical makeup?
“Physical makeup undoubtedly has a large role, as there are characters and structures with which it is incompatible.”

451. How is it that the second sight appears to be hereditary in certain families?
“This is due to a similar physical makeup, which is transferred in the same manner as other physical qualities. It is also due to the development of the ability through training, which is passed down from one generation to another.”

452. Is it true that circumstances develop second sight?
“Illness, impending danger or any major disturbance may develop it. The body is sometimes in a state that allows spirits to see what cannot be seen with the human eye.”

Times of crisis and turmoil, powerful emotions, and any causes that stimulate the moral nature may develop the second sight. It seems as if Providence gave us a means of calling upon it. All religious groups and parties subjected to persecution have provided numerous instances of this fact.

453. Are the individuals who are gifted with second sight always conscious of their ability?
“Not always. It seems natural to them and many believe that if everybody observed themselves they would have the same power.”

454. Can we attribute the perceptiveness of people who possess startling clear judgment in relation to everyday life as a form of second sight, although they are not extraordinarily gifted?
“This is always due to more open radiation of the soul, enabling one to see more clearly than those whose perceptions are more heavily masked by matter.”

a) In some cases, can this ability provide the foresight of future events?
“Yes, it may yield premonitions because there are many degrees of this ability. The same person may possess all of these degrees or only some of them.”

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