Allan Kardec

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746. Is murder a crime in God’s eyes?
“Yes and a serious one. When individuals take the life of their fellow human beings, they cut short an atonement or a mission that the victim was going through in their present incarnation and that is an atrocious act.”

747. Are all murders equally evil?
“God is fair. God judges the intention rather than just the deed.”

748. Does God excuse murder in legitimate cases of self-defense?
“Only absolute necessity can excuse it. If you can only save your own life by taking that of your attacker, you should do it.”

749. Are people accountable for the murders they commit during times of war?
“Not when they are forced to fight, but they are still accountable for the cruelties they commit, and will be rewarded for their mercy.”

750. Which is worse in God’s eyes: parricide or infanticide?
“They are equally horrific, because any crime is a crime.”

751. How can infanticide exist in intellectually advanced nations, and even be allowed by their laws?
“Intellectual development is not always accompanied by moral integrity. A superior spirit may advance in intelligence, and remain wicked. This is what happens when a spirit lives for a long time without improving.”

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