Allan Kardec

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419. How is it that the same idea, like a discovery for instance, can occur in multiple places at the same time?
“We have already said that spirits communicate with one another during sleep. When their body awakens, spirits remember what they have learned and think that whatever outcome of that learning is actually a product of their own. Consequently, several individuals may learn the same thing at the same time. When you say that an idea is ‘in the air,’ you are using a fgure of speech that is much closer to the truth than you realize. Everyone unconsciously helps spread it.”

Our spirit often reveals to other spirits the object of our thoughts and refections before we went to sleep, without our being aware of it.

420. Can spirits communicate with each other when the body is awake?
“A spirit is not enclosed in its body, as in a box, but radiates around it in every direction. It can communicate with other spirits even when awake, although this is much more difficult to do.”

421. How is it that two individuals often have the same thought at the same time when fully awake?
“It is because two like-minded spirits may communicate their thought to each other even when the body is not asleep.”
A communication of thoughts between spirits sometimes enables two individuals to see and understand one another without words. We could say that they speak the language of the spirits.

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