Allan Kardec

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Believing that Spiritism derives its strength from physical manifestations during meetings and that debunking those manifestations can bring about its downfall is to oversimplify this theory. Its strength lies in its philosophy, and particularly in its appeal to reason and common sense. In ancient times, it was the subject of secret studies, carefully hidden from society. Today there are no secrets, and Spiritism is out in the open, without ambiguity, mysticism, or allegories that would be susceptible to false interpretation. The time has come for the truth to be told and understood by all. Far from being opposed to enlightenment, this revelation is intended for all human beings. It does not require blind acceptance, but urges everyone to take stock of their own beliefs, and as its teachings are based on reason, it will always be stronger than those that are based on annihilation.

Can obstacles intended to stop their production block spirit manifestations? No, because these efforts only excite curiosity and the desire to study a forbidden subject. If spirit manifestations were the privilege of a single individual, they could easily be ended by simply preventing that person’s actions. Unfortunately, for our adversaries, the production of these manifestations is an inherent capability of every single member of society, from the poor to the rich, from the greatest to the least and from the mansion to the hovel. The prohibition of their performance in public would have little effect, as they are most successfully produced in private anyway. Since anyone may be a medium, how would it be possible to prevent a family in the privacy of their own home, people in the silence of their own rooms, or even a prisoner in a cell, from communicating with the spirits, in the very presence of those who try to prevent them from doing so? If mediums were forbidden to exercise their abilities in one country, how could they be stopped from practicing it somewhere else in the world, since mediums exist in every nation on Earth? Half the human race would need to be incarcerated in order to have any chance at silencing all mediums. Even if it were possible to burn all the Spiritist books in existence, they would immediately be reproduced because their source is beyond the reach of attack, and it is impossible to imprison or burn the spirits who are their real authors.

Spiritism is not the work of one single individual; it is as old as creation itself. It is found everywhere, in all religions, and even more so in Catholicism than in others. The Catholic religion contains everything that constitutes Spiritism: the existence of spirits of varying degrees, their secret and open relationships with people, guardian angels, reincarnation, and the emancipation of the soul during sleep, second sight, visions, and manifestations of every kind, apparitions, even including tangible apparitions. As for demons, they are nothing more than bad spirits. With the exception of the belief that the former are doomed to wrongdoing forever, as the path of progress is never closed to anyone, the only difference that exists is in terminology.

What does modern Spiritism accomplish? It makes a whole of what has been scattered about in pieces by explaining, in clear an precise terms what has been, up until now, shrouded in allegory. It eliminates the products of superstition and ignorance created by people, leaving only reality intact. This is its mission, of which there is no founder. It highlights and coordinates what already exists, but creates nothing new because its elements belong to every country and every age. Who can fatter themselves by believing that they are strong enough to stifle it by ridicule or persecution? If it were possible to destroy it in one place, it would simply reappear in another or even in the exact same spot from which it was banished. It exists in nature, and no one can obliterate a power of nature, or veto God’s will.

What interest could anyone possibly have in opposing Spiritism? These ideas are an objection against the cruelty and mistreatment that spring from pride and selfishness, which are profitable to the few and harmful to many. Therefore, Spiritism would have the masses on its side, while its challengers would be those who support the abuse it opposes. By their influence, these ideas make people more compassionate towards one another, less greedy for material possessions, and more submissive to God’s designs. It guarantees order and tranquility.

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