Allan Kardec

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93. Is the spirit uncovered or is it enveloped in a substance of some kind, as postulated by some?
“The spirit is enveloped in a vaporous substance, as you perceive it, although that would seem too heavy and cumbersome to us. It is suffciently vaporous to allow a spirit to foat in the atmosphere and travel through space as it so desires.”

As the seed of a fruit is surrounded by the perisperm, the spirit is surrounded by an envelope that, by analogy, may be called the perispirit.

94. From where does the spirit draw its semi-material envelope?
“From the universal fuid of each world. For this reason, the perispirit is not the same in every world. When traveling from one world to another, the spirit changes its envelope as you change your clothing.”

a) When spirits of higher worlds visit us, do they adopt a more material perispirit?
“Yes, they must clothe themselves with your matter in order to be able to enter your world, as we have already said.”

95. Does the semi-material envelope of the spirit assume specifc forms, and can it ever become perceptible to us?
“Yes, it can assume any form that the spirit may choose. This is how a spirit is sometimes able to make itself visible to you, whether in dreams or when awake, and can assume a form that may be visible and even tangible.”

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