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Phenomena that cannot be explained by the known laws of science are occurring across the globe, caused by the action of a free and intelligent will.

Reason dictates that an intelligent effect must have an intelligent power as its cause, and facts have proven that this force is able to communicate with humanity using material signs.

When questioned as to its nature, this force has declared itself belonging to the world of spiritual beings that have shed the physical envelope of humans. This is how Spiritism has been revealed to us.

Communication between the spirit world and the physical world is natural and has no supernatural character. This is why traces of its existence are found across all nations and in every time period. They have become widespread and clear to all.

The spirits assure us that the time chosen by Providence for a universal manifestation has come and that their mission, as God’s servants and agents of Divine will, is to educate and enlighten mankind, and usher in a new era of renewal for humanity.

This book is a compilation of these spirit teachings. It has been written under the dictation of superior spirits for the purpose of establishing the foundation of a logical philosophy, completely free of prejudices and preconceived notions. Everything contained in this book is the expression of their thought or has obtained their approval. The order and methodical arrangement of its contents, the comments, and the form given to certain segments of the work are all that has been contributed by the individuals responsible for its publication.

Many of the spirits who have contributed to this book informed that they lived on Earth during different times when they preached and practiced virtue and wisdom. History has not preserved the names of others, but their elevation is undeniable in the integrity of their concepts and their union with the spirits of well-respected fgures in history.

The following are the terms under which the task of preparing this book was entrusted to the author, recorded through the assistance of various mediums:

“Be fervent and determined in the work you have undertaken with us, for this work is ours. We will lay down the foundations of the new structure to be built, which is destined to unite all humanity in a common sense of love and charity. Before its publication, we will review it with you to ensure the precision of every last detail.”

“We will be with you whenever you request our presence and to assist you in all your endeavors. This is only a part of the mission that has been disclosed to you, and of which one of us has already informed you.”

“Out of all the teachings provided to you, some are to be kept to yourself for now. We will tell you when the time has come for their disclosure. Meanwhile, meditate over these teachings so that you will be ready when we notify you that the right time has come.”

“Place the vine branch we have drawn (1) for this specifc purpose at the beginning of the book. It is the insignia of God’s work and unites all the material elements that best symbolize the body and spirit: the stem represents the body; the juice is the spirit; and the soul or union of the body and the spirit is the grape. Human beings refne the spirit through labor, and it is only through the physical labor of the body that the spirit acquires knowledge.”

“Do not be discouraged by critics. You will encounter malicious detractors, especially those whose interests lie in maintaining existing maltreatments and exploitations. You will even encounter opponents among spirits, because those who are not fully detached from the physical world often work, either motivated by malice or ignorance, to scatter seeds of doubt. Believe in God, and boldly forge ahead. We will be with you to support you every step of the way and soon the truth will shine like a great beacon spreading light to every corner of the Earth.”

“The vanity of some individuals who think that they know everything and insist on explaining everything in their own way will create conficting opinions. Nevertheless, all who keep Jesus’ teachings in their hearts will be united in the same love of goodness and will share a bond of brotherhood that will embrace the entire world. Dismissing pointless disputes over words, they will devote their energies to essential matters. The philosophy of all who receive the communications of superior spirits will be the same at heart.”

“Perseverance alone is the key to accomplishing your work. The pleasure you will feel in witnessing the spread of Spiritism and its rightful appreciation will be a rich reward, though perhaps this will be enjoyed in the future rather than in the present. Do not worry about thorns and stones that skeptics and the wicked will cast in your path. Cling to your confdence, for it will ensure that you reach your goal and that you will always merit assistance.”

“Remember that good spirits only provide assistance to those who serve God with humility and impartiality. They reject all who use heaven as a means of accessing earthly possessions, and pull away from the proud and ambitious. Pride and ambition constitute a barrier between humankind and God. They hide the splendors of heavenly existence from humanity and God cannot use the blind to enlighten others.”

Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Augustine, Saint Vincent de Paul, Saint Louis, The Spirit of Truth, Socrates, Plato, Fénelon, Franklin, Swedenborg, and so on.

(1) The branch that appears at the beginning of this chapter is a reproduction of the one the spirits drew. A.K.

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