Allan Kardec

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A person whose knowledge of terrestrial magnetism is limited to small magnetized duck figures swimming and moving about in a water basin would find it extremely difficult to grasp that those figurines contain the secret behind the mechanism of the universe and the movement of worlds. Likewise, a person whose knowledge of Spiritism is limited to table turning is in a similar position. To them these communications are merely a form of entertainment or a pastime, and they cannot understand how such a simple and common phenomenon connects to the biggest questions and answers concerning social order.

To the superficial observer what connection can possibly exist between a table that turns and the future of humanity. However, when we reflect on the idea of a simple pot simmering since the dawn of time, which can lift its lid at the boiling point, we realize that a powerful driving force has emerged. Human beings use this force to erase distance and move through space.

To all who believe that there is nothing beyond the material world, know that from the table turning that triggers your mocking a new philosophy has arisen. One that solves problems that no other system has been able to solve.

To all of Spiritism’s honest adversaries, I ask whether you have taken the trouble to study what you criticize. I rationally remind you that criticism is of no value unless the critic is familiar with the subject of scorn. To ridicule something of which we have no knowledge of, and which we have not meticulously examined, is not true criticism, but merely proof of a lack of judgment. If a human being had proposed this philosophy there would have been less disdain. People who claim to guide and sway public opinion would have studied it. However, as it comes from the spirits it has therefore been deemed an absurdity! As such, is has barely merited a single glance, deserving of no more than the judgment of the monkey in the fable who judged a nut by its shell. Forget its origin and assume that this book is solely the work of a human being. Then, after carefully reading it, honestly ask yourself if you find anything that warrants ridicule.

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