Allan Kardec

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182. Can we know precisely the physical and moral state of different worlds?
“As spirits, we can only make revelations according to your degree, meaning that we cannot reveal these things to everyone because some are not equipped to comprehend such revelations, and would be confused by them.”

As a spirit is purifed, the body that clothes it also approaches the spiritual nature. Being less dense, it no longer crawls on the ground. Its physical needs more refned and it is no longer forced to destroy other beings to feed itself. At this stage of spiritual development, the spirit enjoys more freedom and possesses methods of perception that are unknown to us. It can see with its eyes what we see only in thought.

A spirit’s level of purifcation determines the moral excellence of the corporeal beings in which they are incarnated. The animal passions become weaker, and selfshness gives way to the sense of brotherhood.

In higher worlds, wars do not exist. There is no hatred or confict because they are pointless, no one would even dream of doing harm to their fellow beings. Their intuitive foresight and the security resulting from a conscience free of remorse allow them to face death without apprehension. They look upon it without fear and as a simple transformation.

The length of a lifetime in different worlds appears to be proportionate to the moral and physical superiority of each world and this is perfectly rational. The less material the body, the less subject it is to the torments that disturb corporeal life. The purer the spirit, the less subject it is to the passions that undermine it. This correspondence between moral and physical circumstances is proof of God’s compassion, Who aims to reduce suffering.

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