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794. Can society be sufficiently governed only by natural law without human made laws?
“If the laws of nature were properly understood and people were willing to practice them, they would be sufficient. But society has its demands and requires special laws.”

795. What causes the instability of human laws?
“During barbaric times, laws were made by the strongest who established them to their own advantage. Therefore, as human beings have acquired a clearer understanding of justice, these laws have had to be modified. Human laws will become more stable as they approach true justice, meaning, as they represent everyone and are in harmony with natural law.” Civilization has created new needs for human beings, and these needs are relative to their social standing. People in civilized societies regulate the rights and duties of their standing through human laws. They have often created imaginary rights and duties that are condemned by the natural law, and that every nation removes from its code as it progresses because people are influenced by their passions. Natural law is absolute and the same for all. Human law is variable and progressive; at the inception of human societies, it only could establish the rights of the strongest.

796. Is the severity of criminal laws necessary for society as it stands today?
“A depraved society requires more severe laws, but your laws, unfortunately, are designed to punish wrongdoing after the fact, rather than eliminating the source of bad behavior. Only education can reform humankind, and then you will no longer require such harsh laws.”

797. How can human beings be led to reform their laws?
“This occurs naturally, based on the circumstances, and through the influence of more advanced individuals who drive the world forward on the path of progress. It has already changed significantly, and will continue to do so. Just wait and see!”

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