Allan Kardec

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84. Do spirits makeup a world that is separate from what we see?
“Yes, the world of spirits or incorporeal intelligences.”

85. Which of the two, the spirit world or the physical one, is the principal one in the order of things?
“The spirit world. It is preexistent to and survives everything else.”

86. Could the physical world cease to exist, or never have existed at all, without affecting the essence of the spirit world?
“Yes, they are independent of one another. And yet, their correlation is continuous for they ceaselessly react upon each other.”

87. Do spirits live in a specifc, restricted region in space?
“Spirits are everywhere and they populate infnite space in infnite number. Imperceptible to humans, they are always beside you, observing and acting upon you as they are one of the powers of nature and the instruments employed by God to accomplish God’s designs. All spirits do not go everywhere, and there are regions that are restricted to those who are less advanced.”

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