Allan Kardec

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808. Is economic inequality a result of the inequality of faculties, which gives some individuals more means of acquiring wealth than others?
“Yes and no. What about fraud and robbery? What do you say about them?”

a) Is inherited wealth not the fruit of evil passions?
“How do you know that? Trace their source and you will see whether it is pure or not. How do you know whether they were earned by plundering or the fruit of an injustice? Regardless of their origin, do you think that pining for wealth, even when honestly acquired, is admirable? This is what God judges and Divine judgment is often more severe than that of human beings.”

809. If a fortune has been obtained illegally or fraudulently, are those who subsequently inherit it held accountable?
“They are in no way responsible for the wrong that may have been done by others, and of which they may not even be aware. Often, fortune is granted to specific individuals for the sole purpose of giving them the opportunity of making amends for an injustice. If these individuals understand this, good for them! If these individuals do it in the name of the person who committed the injustice, the reparation will be counted to both of them, because it is often the latter who, now in the spiritual world, has stimulated the incarnate ones to work towards this reparation.”

810. Without breaking the law we can dispose of our assets more or less equitably. Are we accountable for the use we have made of it after we die?
“Every action bears fruit. The fruit of good deeds is sweet, while that of others is always bitter. Never forget that.”

811. Is absolute economic equality possible? Has it ever existed?
“No, it is not possible. The variety of faculties and personalities makes it impossible.”

a) There are those who believe that it is the remedy for all the problems of society. What do you think of that?
“Anyone who believes that is either motivated by both ambition and jealousy or is responsible for the creation of systems. They do not understand that the equality they dream of is quickly decimated by the circumstances of life. Fight selfishness, because that is the plague of your society and do not chase after pipe dreams.”

812. If economic equality is not possible, is equal well-being also impossible?
“No, but well-being is relative, and every one can enjoy it if people can reach a good understanding among themselves. True well-being entails dedicating your time according to you passion, not work that you dislike and for which you have no talent. Everyone has different abilities and talents, so that no worthwhile work is left undone. Equilibrium exists in everything, but the human race disturbs it.”

a) Is it possible for human beings to reach a mutual understanding?
“They will arrive at it when they practice the law of justice.”

813. There are those who fall into poverty and misery through no fault other than their own. Is society responsible in such cases?
“Yes, we have already said that society is often the primary cause of such failures. Besides, society is responsible for providing the moral education of all its members. Society often warps its judgment through poor education, instead of correcting their malicious inclinations.” (See no. 685)

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