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804. Why has God not given the same abilities and talents to all humankind?
“God has created all spirits equal, but some have lived longer and consequently acquired more or fewer aptitudes. The difference between them lies in their various degrees of experience, and the use of their free will; from there some are perfected more quickly, which gives them a wide range of skills. This mix is necessary, so that all human beings may contribute to God’s plans within the limits of their physical and intellectual strength. Individuals make their own contribution; whatever one cannot do another can. In addition, as all the worlds of the universe are connected by solidarity, beings from higher worlds, most of which were created before yours, must come and serve as an example for you.” (See no. 361)

805. In passing from a higher world to a lower one, do spirits preserve the faculties they had acquired?
“Yes, we have already told you that spirits who have progressed cannot regress. As spirits they may choose a physical envelope that is more insensitive, or a position that is more uncertain, but each variation is intended to teach them a new lesson and help them to progress.” (See no. 180)

The diversity of human abilities is the result of the various degrees of perfection achieved by the spirits, rather than something intrinsic to the creation of humankind. God has not created the inequality of human faculties. God permits spirits of different degrees of development to be in contact with each other, so that the more advanced may help those who lag behind, and so that all human beings may understand the law of charity that is destined to unite them.

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