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817. Are men and women equals in God’s eyes and do they have the same rights?
“Has God not given them both the knowledge of good and evil, and the ability to advance?”

818. Where does the moral inferiority of women in some countries originate?
“In the cruel and unjust authority that man has seized over them. This is a result of social institutions and the abusive exercise of strength over weakness. Among morally inferior men, might makes right.”

819. Why women are physically weaker than men are?
“So that she may be assigned special functions. Men are built for rough work as they are stronger, while women are built for lighter work. Both may help each other through the trials of a bitter life.”

820. Does a woman’s physical weakness make her naturally dependent on a man?
“God has given strength to some to protect the weak, but not to reduce them to slavery and suppression.”

God has created the physical makeup of each being for the role it has to carry out. God has given less physical strength to women, however, they were made more sensitive, in harmony with their maternal functions and the weakness of the beings confided to her care.

821. Is a woman’s natural role as important as that given to man?
“Yes, even more so because she gives him his first notions of life.”

822. As all human beings are equals according to God’s law, should they also be such according to human made law?
“This is the cornerstone of justice. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

a) In order to be perfectly just, should legislation establish the equality of rights between men and women?
“Equality of rights, yes, but with respect to functions it should be noted that while there are many similarities between the sexes there are also distinct differences. Each sex should be encouraged to develop according to their special abilities and strengths. Human made law, to be just, should establish equal rights for men and women. Any privilege granted to either sex conflicts with justice. Women’s rights and freedom are in line with the progress of civilization as her oppression is a condition of barbarism. In addition, gender only exists through the physical makeup. Since spirits can assume that of either sex, there is no difference between them in this respect, and they should enjoy the same rights.”

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